Story: 獅子與老鼠 The Lion and the Mouse

    One day, a mouse accidentally bumped into a sleeping lion's paw. The lion woke up and put his great big paw over the mouse.
有一天, 一隻老鼠不小心碰到一隻正在睡覺獅子的腳掌. 獅子醒了過來, 用他巨大的腳掌壓著老鼠.

The mouse said: " I'm sorry!! Don't hurt me! "
老鼠說: " 對不起, 不要傷害我! "

The lion picked up the mouse to eat him.

" Please forgive me! " the mouse cried. " I won't forget it. I might be able to help you one day "
" 請原諒我. " 老鼠哭著說. " 我不會忘記的. 有一天我也許能夠幫上你的忙. "

The lion laughed at this. " How can a little mouse help a big lion ? " he asked. " But you have made me laugh, so I will let you go. "
獅子譏笑著問說: " 一隻小老鼠能幫大獅子什麼忙呢? 不過你逗我笑了. 所以我放你走 "

He put the mouse down. and the mouse ran away.
他放下老鼠, 然後老鼠跑走了.

Two weeks later, the mouse heard the lion from far away.
兩個星期後, 老鼠聽到遠處獅子的聲音.

He ran to the sound and found the lion in a net. Some hunters had caught the large animal.
他跑向聲音來源, 發現獅子受困網中, 一些獵人捉了這隻巨大的動物.

The mouse waited. When the hunters left to get their wagon, he quickly began biting the net.
老鼠等待著. 當獵人們離開去開運貨馬車時, 他快速地開始咬網子.

Soon, the net broke and the lion was free. The lion put the mouse on his back and ran into the forest.
很快地, 網子破了, 獅子得到自由. 獅子把老鼠放在他背上, 然後跑進森林裡.

When they stopped, the mouse said, " I told you I could help you one day. "
當他們停下來後, 老鼠說 " 我早說過有一天我可以幫你的. "

The lion said, " I'm sorry I doubted you. Now I realize there is greatness even in a small mouse. "
獅子說: " 很抱歉. 我那時懷疑你, 現在我了解即使是一隻小老鼠也有他偉大之處. "

1. accidentally  adv.意外地.
2. paw n. 腳掌
3. forgive v. ( forgive - forgave - forgiven ) 原諒, 寬恕
4. hunter n. 獵人
5. wagon n. 四輪運貨馬車
6. forest n. 森林
7. doubt v. 懷疑, 不相信

Idioms & Phrases

1. bump into 碰撞
bump into + someone 撞上某人 :
John ran too fast and bumped into his teacher.

bump into + something 撞上某物:
The Titanic bumped into an iceberg and sank.
鐵達尼號撞上冰山, 沉了.


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